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"I loved this book and it kept me turning the pages quickly. It is filled with wisdom, insight,  hope and conviction. The author, Tracey Mayfield, has a strong literary voice and has certainly put in a lot of research, knowledge and insight into this story which makes it a very  interesting, enjoyable and smart read. It is a book filled with adventure, action and unexpected series of events and circumstances. I thoroughly enjoyed Beyond Ikenick Creek and wholly recommend it to teens and parents as well."  Review by Faithful Cafe/Chick Lit Cafe at

"Life, it's a relatively simple word—two consonants, two vowels, and one syllable.  We all have one, but how we choose to live it makes us who we are.  Boy or girl, rich, poor, skin color, clothes, social status—it doesn't matter.  We each have the power to choose how to react to, cope with, and move beyond the challenges we face.  I believe that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  Life is a journey where what you want, how much you want it, and how hard you are willing to work to get it are the forces that drive you to overcome obstacles and shape who you become."

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Beyond Ikenick Creek...
2017 Cascade Awards Finalist
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McKenzie River- Near Ikenick Creek

     Beyond Ikenick Creek  

Sixteen-year-old Eli Parker is in trouble with the law—again.  Raised by a single mother and plagued by a tragic accident, all hope seems to be lost.  With his crimes getting progressively worse, it is now up to Judge Mosaron to turn Eli's life around.  He sentences Eli to New Beginnings Camp for Troubled Youth for the remainder of the summer.  Located just beyond Ikenick Creek—near the McKenzie River—this camp will change Eli in ways he never expects.

Through a series of team-building activities and near-death mishaps, Eli learns about trust, forgiveness, and God's grace.  He also discovers the campers have more in common than he initially thought.  Everyone, including the mysterious Amber, has their own personal battles to overcome.
Beyond Ikenick Creek utilizes action, adventure, drama, and a bit of humor to capture the imaginations of both teen and adult readers. It is a story about how courage, wisdom, faith, and hope might inspire an individual to change and prevent the lifelong consequences of poor choices. 

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